ALU extrusion

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81.4909 kn  with TAX
Senzor IR contactless
VD09 series hand sweep contactless sensor is designed for switching on / off and dimming 12/24 V LED strips installed in an aluminum profile. It is controlled without direct physical contact using a palm movement. *To function properly the IR sensor must be open and exposed with no plastic cover over top. * small dimensions, high sensitivity sensor, with stable operation through the diffuser at a distance of up to 5 cm. (Need to drill the diffuser) * very easy installation of the switch on an adhesive base on a profile; * wide contact pads for soldering; * LED light indicator that indicates the device status,3000K; * dimming function with last state memory. When the voltage is applied, the device is set to standby mode. The lighting is turned off, and the indicator LED glows warm white. Switching on and off is carried out by a single raising of the hand to the place of installation of the switch in the area of the indicator. Dimming of lighting occurs when you hold your hand in the glow area of the switch indicator.
81.4909 kn  with TAX
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